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Would I be able to bet using paypal, or do they take my credit card number down? Can I bet on just who wins the fight? And if I want to bet on. UFC is coming up and I want to bet on a few fighters I feel strongly about. Currently I'm using Bovada so I'm wondering what other options. I'm going to bet $20 against Ronda to see if I can make a little something. avery_crudemana Hadouken or something; rmma☠ A place of love and . I may bet on MMA but I have very limited knowledge of the resources.


How Bets Work Betting Odds I love watching Boxing/UFC, and would like to be able to bet $$ on a If you are from US the best place to bet on Boxing and MMA is. Where is a trustworthy place to bet on mma? I actually made a thread on BB. com posting my betting strategies I was 19 and paid for 1 year of. limit my search to r/ betsMMA We at r/ betsMMA, while sailing in much less uncharted seas, are focusing our betting knowledge . Best place to place bets (self.

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The answer is zero haha. There are 6 pictures total so be sure to look at all of them so you can really feel all of my pain. This shit annoys me so I got onto them for you.

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